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Take action with more confidence, receiving a reasonable opinion of the financial information that was prepared by your internal administration of your company.


Achieve greater efficiency in your tax bill, through our advice, we implement for you the most convenient course of action within the legal framework.


For greater certainty and profitability as well as a lower the risk, we recommend the accounting, fiscal and financial plan that will generate the best results for your business.


We perform the documentation management and labor obligations of the company for you, as an outsourcing of activities that are not central to your company.

With experts in vital areas of the company

Creu | Accounting and fiscal services

The accounting area is relevant in any company, but it becomes a priority when there is a greater number of operations, in quantity or volume, because the accuracy between the accounting calculation and compliance with fiscal obligations can put at risk the financial stability of the company.

Grow your business
with help of
experienced specialists


Integrated Business Consulting

We understand that all areas of business are merged organically, their interrelation is vital, creating a flow of goods and services to customers and consumers, generating value for the company.

Creu has set up a team of consulting firms in different specialties to respond to the specific questions and needs of companies, in an integrated service.

  • Business Model
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality and Process Management
  • Marketing and branding
  • Corporate Law
  • Human Resources 

We know that the harmonious and coordinated interrelation increases sales and efficiency and reduces unnecessary expenses.

This allows us to offer the tools and accompaniment so that in an integrated way they can provide greater income and stability for your business.

The deep knowledge of each area, as well as it samplitude, causes that solutions with a more functional perspective are offered, like also needs, in each one of the sectors that conform the companies.

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