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We conduct a deep business analysis from different approaches, in order to provide specific and profitable solutions.


Through a comprehensive system of four frameworks, Creu Consulting understands, proposes, accompanies the implementation, and finally measures the result of the actions in a quantitative and qualitative way.

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Understanding Framework

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Structural Framework

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Implementation Framework

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Evaluation Framework

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  • Understanding Framework is the understanding of the business situation in a broad way, which clearly indicates where the areas of opportunity and their interaction are.
  • Structural Framework is the phase in which the solution is proposed based on the application of business analysis systems and tools, which will allow determining the resources, the people in charge and the times of the project.
  • Implementation Framework, the third phase of the methodology, is to get to work, where we accompany the company in its transformation process.
  • Evaluation Framework, this phase is present in the previous stages, project progress is reported, and new efficiency, growth or expansion challenges are generated.


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With the competitive pressure in the market, the uncertainty of the environment or the maturity of the companies; You can put your company’s profitability or its survival at risk.

We are convinced that starting from a fresh strategy, according to this times, allows innovation and business transformation.

Our systemic business methodology allows us to offer, to executives and business owners, solutions with an emphasis on implementation through tools and support, which enable greater growth and profitability.

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